TTMM company is a design studio specializing in designing smart interfaces and apps for smartwatches. It is currently focused on the Fitbit Versa platform, for which it has designed a collection over 60 clock faces and a range of practical apps. The studio was founded and is headed by Albert Salamon, an awarded designer, a former lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. TTMM headquarters are located in Warsaw, Poland.

TTMM philosophy

What is Time?

Time is the sun and the stars, it is sand passing through an hourglass or a burning fire. Time is also attached to a clock mechanisms or it is dependent on electrons passing through an integrated circuit…

Can we experience Time in different ways?

We all live in a digitally diffused era where Time has gained faces – it actually has as many faces as there are people in the world. We have always wondered about the meaning Time and how it relates to our lives and the phisical world around us.

What is TTMM?

TTMM is more about the exploration of Time, then just about designing a form of a clockface. It is about seeing time in a new dimension, seeing the future form – an abstract form, a kind of graphic decomposition.

How do we design Time?

The DNA of TTMM is a process in which we keep defining and inventing new signs for the 21st century era. Our mission is to soft(ware) Time in a new way, so that you can experience it in a new way. My idea is to take you onto a new path, from which you can reflect on Time and derive your own meaning from the shapes and movement, which appear on your wrist.

We invite you to a TTMM Time experience. We hope it will be different to anything you have experienced so far.


naming philosophy

The name
a composition of
a decomposition of Time.
We have merged two
TIME – a word and
HH:MM code. 
The name mechanical
pronunciation represents
the progressive
of our Times.


identity philosophy

TTMM logo
is built on
T and letters.
It expresses the
explosion of
in time.

Time is no longer
a one point in
the moment,
it is a tree
of events.


Albert Salamon

Fitbit programming
Gregoire Sage
Wiktor Hołubowicz
Piotr Kamiński

iOS programming
Arkadiusz Banaś
Rafal Gorczyński

TTMM-S app UX Design
Leszek Juraszczyk

English translations
Joanna Szymańska

Marketing advisor
Marcin Berendt

Photo & video
Wawrzyniec Skoczylas




My name is Albert Salamon, I am the founder and chief designer of TTMM brand and products. For the past 9 years I have been inventing new forms of digital time. I have created over 160 different clockface designs for: iOS, Mac, Pebble, Android Wear devices and currently for Fitbit smartwatches. My clockfaces have won several design awards. Check our awards section for details.



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All Rights Reserved.


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