TTMM for Fitbit Versa app is a collection of original clockfaces designed for Fitbit Versa smartwatch, which turn your Fitbit smartwatch into a unique time-machine. All the clockfaces have color presets and complications settings that are controlled through a tap-to-change on screen feature. Some models are additionally equipped with a stopwatch, a timer, an alarm or a torch feature. There is also a special clockface in the collection called ONE TTMM, with 30 different clockfaces in one, which allows the user to quickly change between the designs to adapt to the required mood or style.

All the clockfaces can be uploaded to Fitbit smartwatch through the TTMM for Fitbit Versa app on iOS. With the app you can view the design, read the description, purchase and upload clockfaces and prepare a favorite models list to facilitate the swapping between clockfaces. After the upload the user can set colors, display design and complications with the tap-to-change on screen feature. This user friendly interface makes the customization of the clockface very user-friendly and smooth.

TTMM for Fitbit Versa on App Store

TTMM collection on Fitbit App

clockfaces are in 3 categories + ONE:



Different types of digital time
The Digitals – a new composition of time and information. Some of the models in this line are very simple and easy to navigate, some are more sophisticated, use special fonts and become unique experiments. TTMM clockfaces are designed for a new kind of human beings.


Around time in a new way
The Analogs transfer an idea of time repeating cyclically and dress time up using new forms. Today, time is predominantly electronic. In your Fitbit Versa you will not find any real gears or clock hands. Time is now carved out of pure digital light and formed into dots, lines and shapes. The Analogs use typical form of an analog clockface yet bring fresh meaning with in an original form.


Today is the Future!
The Abstracts bring an original way of thinking about form and meaning of time. Now you can band your brain and experience an exquisite design invented for the future.


One is because of the other one
A remarkable TTMM clockface combining 30 minimal designs in just ONE clockface. ONE TTMM – a pack of clockfaces originally designed for the Pebble smartwatch – now available for the Fitbit Versa. It comes with extra features like a STOPWATCH, a TIMER and a FULL VIEW of all complications. It has user-friendly “corner-navigation” interface and a “tap-to-change” customization feature.

ONE TTMM is a creative experiment packed with questions about: what TIME could be, what it means and how should it look like? The 30 designs in ONE clockface collection just save your life-time on search, uploading and style fitting. The tap-to-change feature gives you incredible power to customize the design, information display or color. ONE TTMM is ready for every style and mood.




The distinction from the Polish Graphic Design Awards.

TTMM for Fitbit Versa has won Bronze A Design Award winner.


TTMM for Fitbit Versa is the 2019 Gold indigo Award winner.


TTMM for Fitbit Clockface Apps is the 2018 Gold A Design Award winner.

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TTMM is more about the exploration of Time, then just about designing a form of a clockface. It is about seeing time in a new dimension, seeing the future form – an abstract form, a kind of graphic decomposition. The DNA of TTMM is a process in which we keep defining and inventing new signs for the 21st century era. Our mission is to soft(ware) Time in a new way, so that you can experience it in a new way. My idea is to take you onto a new path, from which you can reflect on Time and derive your own meaning from the shapes and movement, which appear on your wrist.

The name TTMM is a composition of a decomposition of Time. We have merged two elements: TIME – a word and a HH:MM code. The name mechanical pronunciation represents the progressive digitalization of our Times.

TTMM logo is built on overlapping T and M letters. It expresses the explosion of meaning in time. Time is no longer a one point in the moment, it is a tree of events. Now it’s TTMM.




Albert Salamon is an acclaimed graphic designer. He graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the Industrial Design Department, where later, over the period of 8 years, he had lectured in the field of visual communication.

Albert has also worked commercially in many different areas creating logos, visual identification systems, city information systems, books, posters, packaging, websites, mobile apps and clockfaces.

In his work as a designer Albert focuses on creating new concepts, which mark-out new territories for meaning and function. He has participated in several new product developments and strategy formation processes. 

At TTMM Albert is the founder and chief designer, responsible for creating new products, apps and utilities. Albert have won several design awards including the FWA, A Design Award, Good Design and The Design of the Year for Culture Award, granted by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, is a special award within the GOOD DESING Awards (DOBRY WZÓR).








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