One is because of the Other


A remarkable TTMM clockface combining 30 minimal designs in just ONE clockface.

ONE TTMM – a pack of clockfaces originally designed for the Pebble smartwatch – now available for the Fitbit Versa. It comes with extra features like a STOPWATCH, a TIMER and a FULL VIEW of all complications. It has user-friendly “corner-navigation” interface and a “tap-to-change” customization feature.

ONE TTMM is a creative experiment packed with questions about: what TIME could be, what it means and how should it look like? The 30 designs in ONE clockface collection just save your life-time on search, uploading and style fitting. The tap-to-change feature gives you incredible power to customize the design, information display or color. ONE TTMM is ready for every style and mood.

> To use the STOPWATCH tap the top left corner. > To setup and use the TIMER tap the top right corner. > To change the clockface DESIGN tap the bottom left corner. > To change COLOR preset tap the centre of the clockface. > To see and customize FULL VIEW – tap the bottom right corner.



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