Dominus Plus
watch the face of time

Dominus Plus is an application which turns your iPad or iPhone into a stylishly artistic, powerfully aesthetic clock which looks like it’s come from a classic sci-fi movie.

Awarded design
It expresses the time in the way which you’ve never seen before – by three groups of dots, representing hours, tens of minutes and minutes and with a line for seconds. Dot combinations mimic the traditional clock face. The time of day can be gathered from the colour of the dots (green for AM and yellow for PM). 

The application comes up with four functions such as a time view, timer, an alarm clock and chimes. Navigation between all these functions is achieved by discreet corner icons. Tapping these icons change the main screen to the selected view. Shake device for a help. Double tap to dim the screen.

Setting both the alarm clock and the timer is easily done by merely highlighting the desired number of dots and simply tapping the triangle button. 

Clock is equipped with 10 minutes snooze. 

Sounds great
The alarm clock has three types of sounds composed by Łukasz Grzejek who was inspired by Thomas Newman’s soundtrack for the movie American Beauty.

Stand out
Dominus Plus is an app for everyone who’s looking for futuristic interfaces. It works on iPhone and iPad and looks fantastic on a stand or dock as your table clock or even wall clock. your It’s simple and artistic in design, with an easy-to-use timer and alarm clock with original sounds make this app a great software engineering product of Polish design. The face of time will never be the same again.


Dominus Plus has won the Silver A Design Award and The FWA Mobile of the Day.

Design: Albert Salamon. Alarms: Łukasz Grzejek. iOS programming: Rafał Gorczyński.

Terms of Use
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