TTMM represents a truly unique approach to presenting time in a minimalistic, rudimental simple, and abstract style.

The TTMM for Pebble collection (2012-2017) was well received and enjoyed great success, gaining crowds of fans around the world.

Simply Genius

I see these less as watch faces 
and more as pieces of art.

Beautiful Designs for your Wrist

Playful, quirky, brain teasing watch faces for your pebble.

Outstanding design quality of TTMM has been awarded a number of awards including, the FWA, 2x A Design Awards, The Design of the Year for Culture Award, granted by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, a special award within the Good design Award (Dobry Wzór) and Good Design Award, and has been featured at many international exhibitions. 

TTMM creator, Albert Salamon is a word pioneer in designing watch faces applications for smartwatches. He has won over 15 design awards, including the iF Design Award, and the Red Dot Award more…

For whom?
Museums of design and software, Galleries of digital art, the Collectors of digital assets, the Lovers of unique watches, and fans of the TTMM brand.

What am I buying?
1. clock face (PBW file) 2. ownership of the original copy of the Work certified via blockchain 3. the right to decide whether you keep the file for your own use or make it public

The Work is compatible with Pebble Original, Pebble Steel, Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel and Pebble 2 smartwatches.

Clock face colors?
A single sale is only for one color version with a white or black background.

How do I get clock face file?
The purchaser will get access to the clock face file, confirming ownership of the nft via Meta Mask wallet. This will allow you to download and save clock face (PBW file).

Can I earn on a clock face?
NOT. The work CAN ONLY be used privately – read contract

Can I resell the ownership?
YES. The clock face is resold through the platform. As soon as the clock face is resold, the new customer acquires ownership of the original copy of the code and has access to download the file. Obviously, the second sale will lose its privacy (collector) status.

Why minting TTMM?
1. The TTMM clock faces are rare digital antiques (such as software for the Atari console or the first Apple computer) and are a fully functional product on the historically iconic Pebble smartwatch. 2. TTMM products are a pioneering history of designing clock faces, winning the most design awards in the world. 3. The number of clock faces is limited to 160 pieces. 4. Every design is unique and there is only one copy of it. 5. When buying, he / she acquires the power to decide whether to make it public or keep it as a collector’s item.


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