split the moment

We all live simultaneously in different time fields. In the same moment we live in a specific hour and in an exact minute.

2TTMM clockface presents time graphically split into circles. The top circle is the hour circle, the bottom one – the minute one. The minute circle rounds time up to 5 minute slices, after the 3rd minute. So you are either before or after the exact time. Don’t worry, you want be late – you can choose to display the exact time as a complication on the right side.

> Tap upper circle to change color presets. > Tap left and right complications and change them.


> Tap bottom circle to set the timer. > Tap on the circle to set specific amount of minutes – up to 60. > Tap triangle to start/stop timer. > Tap icon with 2 dots (top left corner) to return to clock view. The timer will be displayed as the third little circle on the right side.

To purchase, download
the TTMM for Fitbit Versa app




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