to do or not to do

The key question is what to do with our time of life. Should we chase the rabbit or rather stand still, look and wait?

Time is indifferent in its mechanical rhythm, giving us the measure of a moment and showing the endless repetition.

Just like in an analog watch the dot position shows the hour, the hand shows the minutes. They sometimes overlap sometimes they depart.

DOTTMM offers TIME view, TIMER view and FULL view. It has 21 color profiles (presets) > to change the color profile tap the hour hand. FULL view brings complications such as: date, HR, steps, distance, activity time, calories, stairs i battery life. > To see FULL view – tap on the right side of the clock. > Tap each complication to change it. > Tap on the left side to come back to TIME view. > Tap the left side to set the 60 minute TIMER.

> Tap the circle to set specific minutes. > Tap triangle to start the timer. > Tap color icon (top right) to come back to time view. > To block the possibility to change color and complications go to > Settings on your Fitbit app.

To purchase, download
the TTMM for Fitbit Versa app


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