time is space

Where are you heading?
Or are we just going in circles?

ROCKETTMM is a metaphor of space travel. Our live is in the center and the tip of the rocket – our focus – points to the different things in the world around us.

The tip indicates the hour. The center indicates exact minutes. The tail is full of complications. All around is a dust of seconds.

ROCKETTMM design was inspired by Christopher Nolans movie INTERSTELLAR.

ROCKETTMM lets you choose from 21 color profiles (presets) and complications such as: date, HR, steps or battery life (shown as a tail of 5 bars). > To change the color profile tap the dot, to set complications tap complications. > To block the possibility to change color and complications go to > Settings on your Fitbit app.

. = steps
HR = heart rate

To purchase, download
the TTMM for Fitbit Versa app


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