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Sunbathe app calculates the approximate maximum time for sun bathing during one whole day, matched to your skin type, UV exposure and sunscreen protector used. To use Sunbathe app you must read and agree to the disclaimer.



To make the best use of Sunbathe app you need to correctly set 4 key parameters: your skin type, the UV index and UV magnifier depending on your sun exposition, and the sunscreen protection factor used on your skin. Use magnifier when you are on water or on snow – UV exposition is doubled. Based on those 4 variables the app estimates the maximum daily duration of sunbathing before sunburn occurs. During sunbathing the app will show 4 alerts: after 15 minutes – a suggestion to apply sunscreen, every half an hour a reminder to drink water and check your skin, a suggestion to stop 60 minutes before the time is up to allow time for moving out off the sun and final warning 15 minutes before the time is up. These alerts can be switched off, if you desire so.


Sunbathe notifies you only when the timer is on and you are in the app. When you go out of the app to the watch face or to a different app, Sunbathe cannot notify you because it cannot interrupt the other app or watch face. This is the principle of Fitbit Versa Operating System.


This app can help you become more aware of the need to protect against UV exposure, however it is only an estimation, therefore we cannot be responsible for your safety and health. Please sunbathe with high precaution and be aware that you are fully responsible for the way you are exposing your skin to UV rays. Please always use sun protection appropriate to your skin type and weather conditions. Remember to use sunscreen skin protection, hats, sunglasses, shade and to keep hydrated at all time. UV rays also cause sunburn when it’s cloudy. For consecutive sun baths, day after day, tanning time should be shortened accordingly! The tanning times do not apply to children!



Sunbathe apps algorithm is based on general health rules applicable to sunbathing and was made to make people more aware of the fact that excessive sunbathing and UV rays can cause harm to your skin and health. Please note that Sunbathe app calculates just an approximation of the maximum time one can safely spend sunbathing during a whole day, based on the parameters that have been input at the start of the app. Please note that these parameters do not reflect the exact weather conditions (UV intensity) you are subject to nor your actual skin type nor your factual sunscreen protection. Therefore the creators of this app cannot take on the responsibility for any health damage you endure while sunbathing, based on the tanning time suggestion of this app.



Consult a doctor (a dermatologist) to seek information about your skin type and how, when and how long you can sunbathe safely. Please remember that every skin type is different and reactions to sun exposure (heat and UV) are very individual. 

Be aware of the UV levels you are subject to. As weather conditions change during the day, the UV radiation also changes. UV radiation depends also on the place where you are sunbathing, whether you are at a beach, in a park, mountains, on water or snow. When you exercise or swim the sunscreen protection can deteriorate in time so your skin becomes more exposed to UV radiation.

Be aware that this app is unable to follow the changes in UV levels you are subject to during sunbathing.

Be aware that we have assumed that UV exposure doubles for people on water or snow.

Ba aware that this app does not take into account changes of UV radiation depending on the altitude. High altitude means higher UV radiation levels. In the app we assume that your altitude is not higher than 1000 meters (3280 ft.).

Remember that if you stay with the Fitbit Versa on your wrist while sunbathing you will have an untanned area on your wrist where the smartwatch and the belt is. If you wish to, you can take your smartwatch off and the time suggested by the Sunbathe app set on a different timer (with a sound) eg. your smartphone.


Follow these general directions on how to sunbathe safely:

][    avoid time in the midday sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.;    ][    increase sun protection during peak times;    ][    use the right, high quality sunscreen;    ][    apply sun protection cream twice: before going outside, and 15-30 minutes after the exposure begins;    ][    reapply the sunscreen after swimming, sweating, or any activity that might rub the sunscreen protection off.    ][    stay hydrated at all time    ][    use shade instead of direct sun exposure

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