retro future

We are always confined by the choices we make. Yet you still have a choice. You choose where to look and what is your hierarchy of complications.

Level 1 – the top
Choose battery or stopwatch – tap top right corner to set it.

Level 2 – middle up
Choose time display in HHMM or HHMMSS mode – tap TTMM logo (top left corner) to switch. Tap time to change color preset.

Level 3 – middle bottom
Choose date or timer – tap them to set them. Tap the triangle to start timer, “x” to reset timer.

Level 4 – the bottom
Choose two complications to display – tap to customize.

|||||||||| – 100% BATTERY
: – hr
. – steps
… – distance
´ – active time
* – calories
+ – floors

To block the possibility to change color and complications go to > Settings on your Fitbit app.

To purchase, download
the TTMM for Fitbit Versa app


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