TTMM-S for Fitbit Versa app offers a premium collection of TTMM clock faces, equipped with air pollution alerts, in a monthly subscription plan.

The app is designed for Fitbit Versa Sense 1 & 2 and Fitbit Versa 3 & 4. TTMM-S is available for iOS and Android with a 7 days free trial.



This collection is build on graphic minimalism and simplicity. The lack of unnecessary elements increases the legibility of information and at the same time it is the essence of the TTMM brand. This collection consists of clear and functional designs as well as eccentric ones which require some deeper sensing and deciphering effort. It’s time to play the riddle of time perception!

All clock faces have complications settings controlled with the tap-to-change on-screen feature. Some of clock faces are additionally equipped with a calendar, a timer, or a torch feature.



Clock faces with the VS suffix are dedicated to Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Versa Sense. These clock faces are equipped with an always-on display (AOD) feature. Thanks to AOD the current hour is shown on the smartwatch display at all time.



The weather subscription plan gives access to weather info, UV index and detailed Air Quality as well as to the unique weather and air quality alerts. TTMM-VS clock faces use feels-like temperature indicator. Some clock faces are also equipped with the “UV as background” feature allowing for constant monitoring of UV level radiation on the smartwatch display.


Weather views

This clock face collection is equipped with two extra views: the weather condition view, with UV index, Air Quality index and temperature icon, and the air quality view, presenting AQ Index and detailed info about the presence PM10 and PM25 particles in the air.


Healthy alerts

Clock faces are equipped with three innovative types of alerts: dangerous weather conditions, very high UV radiation, or unhealthy Air Quality. The clock face will display a message when the outside conditions turn unhealthy or dangerous. Air pollution alarms can help you to reduce COVID transmission and help protect your health against many diseases.



TTMM-S for Fitbit Versa app is designed in a minimal style for comfortable exploration and use. Clock faces are presented in categories: the Analogs, the Digitals, and the Abstracts. The app presents single clock face design together with info on how to: read time, set weather features, and operate a given clock face. The favorite list is a fast and easy way to access and upload your chosen clock face. The app has an advanced watch-body settings view and useful search features.



TTMM-S for Fitbit Versa app has won the iF Design Award 2021, Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2020, Gold Indigo Design Award 2020 competition in mobile app category and Bronze A Design Award 2020 in Interface and Interaction Design Award Category.




TTMM-S for Fitbit Versa app, with all clockfaces equipped with air pollution, UV, and weather alerts, is available in a monthly subscription plan for 3.99$ per month with 7 days free trial. Pay only for the time you use the app (one full monthly payment applies) and stop the subscription at any time.

Users important notice
TTMM-S for Fitbit Versa
is a private collection and is not available on the Fitbit App. Please remember that TTMM-VS and TTMM-S clock faces with the weather subscription can only be uploaded through the TTMM-S app.


Terms of Use
Please read this End User License Agreement (“EULA”) carefully before downloading and using the software in the meaning stated below. By downloading or using that software or downloading software updates, as applicable, you are agreeing to be bound to the terms of this EULA and connected Privacy Policy for the whole time.

Design: Albert Salamon. Fitbit programming: Piotr Kamiński, Wiktor Hołubowicz and Gregoire Sage. iOS UX design: Leszek Juraszczyk. iOS programming: Rafał Gorczyński and Arkadiusz Banaś. Consulting: Marcin Berendt.

Copyrights 2013-2020 Albert Salamon. All rights reserved. TTMM name and TTMM logo are registered trademark of TTMM in European Union and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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