Which app should I choose for buying the TTMM clockfaces? You can buy TTMM clockfaces either with the TTMM app or the Fitbit app. We recommend using the dedicated TTMM app. The TTMM app allows you to buy clockfaces with the App Store and Google Play, therefore the buying process is quick and easy. All the clockfaces bought with he App Store and Google Play are then managed with the TTMM app. When you buy with the Fitbit app, you will use the K-PAY system for the transaction and will manage the clockface with the Fitbit app.


Can I manage clockfaces bought in the TTMM app with the Fitbit app (or vice-versa)? You cannot manage purchases made in the TTMM app with the Fitbit app or vice-vesa. You cannot restore purchases from the TTMM app with the Fitbit app or vice vesa. The TTMM app uses the Fitbit app, but the interface is different and clockfaces cannot be swapped around. NOTE: K-PAY, Apple and Google operate three different e-commerce platforms. Each of them charges a fee for the transaction and makes the necessary VAT tax charges. These are the main reasons why moving clockfaces between platforms is not possible after the purchase.


How do I purchase a TTMM for Fitbit VERSA single clockface? Please take a look at “BUY A SINGLE PRODUCT” section


How may I purchase the TTMM for Fitbit VERSA clockface collection? Please take a look at “BUY COLLECTION” section


How will I get the future releases within the lifetime access? TTMM app will update itself with all the new releases at the time of a general TTMM app update. If you want stay updated with all the latest news from TTMM please follow our profiles here:







How do I know what I have purchased? Where can I find the info about the products I have purchased? for TTMM app purchases: First of all, in the TTMM app the purchased products will now be unlocked and ready for upload. Secondly, you will get an invoice from the App Store or Google Play listing all of your purchases. for K-PAY purchases: After your purchase, K-PAY send you an e-mail containing more information about what you purchased. The e-mail will show all clockfaces/utilities with a download button next to each one of them. Use that download button to go to the Fitbit gallery and install the clockface/utility on your smartwatch. Note: These download links only work if you use them on the phone or tablet on which you have installed the Fitbit app. Alternatively, you can use the search functionality in the Fitbit gallery to find the clockface/utility.


How do I restore my purchases? for TTMM app purchases: If you purchased a TTMM clockface in the TTMM app please use RESTORE PURCHASE from main screen and upload the clockface directly from TTMM app. You cannot restore purchases from the TTMM app with the Fitbit app or vice vesa. for K-PAY purchases: You need to restore your purchase every time you upload a clockface onto your smartwatch. Find more about how K-PAY works.


I already paid for a clockface, why am I asked to pay (unlock) again? for K-PAY purchases only: Currently there is an issue in communication between the Fitbit platform and K-PAY, which causes this problem. Each time you upload a clockface that you have already paid for you will be asked to unlock your clockface again, free of charge. UNLOCK clockface. Please follow the instructions provided to start using your TTMM clockface.


I entered the 5-digit code on the purchase page and it tells me that the code is unknown or already used. What should I do? for K-PAY purchases only: Each K-PAY code is valid for one hour. This probably means your code is expired. Please restart your clockface (change actual clock face for a different one and than uplaoad it again) and try again or refer to the K-PAY SUPPORT



How do I download the TTMM app? Please follow these links:



How do I upload a TTMM for Fitbit VERSA clockface? First of all, you must have the Fitbit app on your smartphone – your smartwatch does not function without it. for TTMM app purchases: Please see our guide: MANAGING TTMM clockfaces with TTMM APP  for K-PAY purchases: Go to page: “Managing your clockfaces with Fitbit app” <link>


Where can I find the user manual for each TTMM clockface? The manuals are concise and you can find them here:  in the TTMM app under the clockface description  in the Fitbit app under the clockface description – on this site  > COLLECTION (for a shortcut: please type in the name of the clockface into the search and then click on the given clockface description)


What is the TAP-TO-CHANGE feature? The TAP-TO-CHANGE is a feature developed by TTMM which allow you to change your clockface setting with a tap on the screen. Please see the clockface user manuals (descriptions) for details about the available setting changes.


How do I change the DATE display to/from DD.MM from/to MM.DD? Go to your Fitbit app > Settings > Personal Info (account) or Log into your FITBIT dashboard and click the gear icon > Settings > Personal Info / Advanced settings


How do I change UNITS from km to miles? Go to your Fitbit app > Settings > Personal Info (account) NOTE: this will also change temperature from C to F or Log into your FITBIT dashboard and click the gear icon > Settings > Personal Info / Advanced settings


How do I change to a 12 or 24 hour clock? Go to your Fitbit app > Settings > Personal Info (account) > Advanced settings or Log into your FITBIT dashboard and click the gear icon > Settings > Personal Info / Advanced settings


Where can I find the Fitbit Service Status? To find out about Fitbit service status (authentication or device sync and pairing) please visit FITBIT STATUS


Need more help? Please contact me with social media channels or use CONTACT form.


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