modern classic

DIGITTMM is a creative transformation of an analogue mechanical watch into its digital 21st century version.

The hands are replaced with digits, underlining the gravitational and hierarchical character of time. On the DIGITTMM minutes orbit the hours.

> Tap the hour to change color preset. > Tap complications to change them. > Tap left side to set background style. > Tap right side to activate the TORCH. > Tap top triangle to set the TIMER.

To set the time on the TIMER > tap on the dot indicating the minutes. > Tap the minutes displayed in the centre to start/stop the TIMER. > Tap upper triangle to go back to the time screen.

| | | | | = 100% battery
. = 1 steps
: = heart rate
* = calories
+ = floors
ยด = active time

To purchase, download
the TTMM for Fitbit Versa app


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