time is an intersection

Should time be dispassionately inert and straight forward or maybe complicated and signifying?

VITTMM is an analog clockface, minimal in form and intriguing in meaning.

The “V” is the hour hand and “I” is the minute hand. The tip of the V points to the hour. With the interaction of the hands – the letters and the breaking of the typical time coding, new meanings start to unfold. At 1:30 pm one can notice a space rocket, while at 6:30 pm time awakens some sexual connotations…

> Tap on the left to set 60 minute timer. >  Tap on the time plate to set exact minutes. >  Start/stop the timer with the triangle. >  Tap on the dot (top right corner) to go back to time view.

> Tap on the right to see lines of complications. > Tap each line to set what you prefer. > Tap on the left side to come back to time view. > Tap centre to change color preset.

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the TTMM for Fitbit Versa app


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