TTMM-S for Fitbit Versa app is a collection of clock faces, equipped with the weather , in a monthly subscription plan. This collection is dedicated to the Fitbit Versa 3 and Versa Sense smartwatches.

TTMM-S clock faces are equipped with two extra views: the weather condition view and the air quality view, presenting detail AQ. TTMM-S clock faces are equipped with three innovative types of alerts: dangerous weather conditions, very high UV radiation, or unhealthy Air Quality. The clock face will display a message when the outside conditions turn unhealthy or dangerous. Air pollution alarms can help reduce COVID transmission and help protect your health against many diseases.

The app presents the clock faces in three categories: the Analogs, the Digitals, and the Abstracts. It has a clear view of a single clock face design together with info on how to: read time, set weather features, and operate a given clock face. Via the favorite list, you have fast access to upload your chosen clock face. Some designs are additionally equipped with a stopwatch, a timer, an alarm, or a torch feature.



TTMM-S for Fitbit Versa app has won the IF Design Award 2021,  Red Dot Award 2020, Gold Indigo Award 2020 and Bronze A Design Award.

Fit for purpose.

The project combines 3 important values: 1. the TTMM brand – offering award-winning time face designs, 2. advanced weather features, 3. a convenient application in a subscription model, divided into categories, with user guidelines and a list of favorites including a quick option to upload designs and a search engine for additional design features. This personal collection, with its originality and functionality, easily competes with watch apps offered by Fitbit or Apple. The TTMM-S application brings selection, order and moderation of the abundance of designs – a clear advantage over overloaded app marketplaces.


Emotional appeal.
Minimalism, simplicity, purism – the lack of unnecessary graphic elements increases the legibility of the presented information and at the same time is a mark of TTMM brand. The collection includes clear and functional projects as well as eccentric ones that require some guidance on how to „read” time. These completely new formal solutions, require some intellectual engagement in deciphering the riddle of time perception. They also spark a reflection on time which helps to develop the recipients sensitivity. This approach seems unpopular, yet it establishes the TTMM audience as very exceptional, as people who see things in a different way.


User Benefit.
The app has watch faces divided into 3 categories: the Analogs, the Digitals, and the Abstracts – which makes the navigation easy. The search module contains functional categories presenting faces grouped by additional features like: filled with information, having a calendar, a timer, a stop watch, with seconds display or a torch function. The favorites function allows to add/remove, quickly find and upload the selected model onto the smartwatch. The entire application has the swipe-back function activated. The design subscription model is a financial advantage for the recipients – they pay for the time they use the application only.


Brand Differentiation.
TTMM-S is a combination of the award-winning design watch applications with the innovative weather alarms module. Thanks to vibrations, the alarms discreetly informs the user of hazardous weather conditions. TTMM’s abstract designs are more than just a display of time – they are “digital jewellery” that the user can host on the device and adjust to their look, mood or to the occasion. These “faces of time” also bring reflection on the passing of time. This set of values distinguishes TTMM projects from the competition and allows to build a loyal group of users.


Social Benefit.
TTMM-S is a contributor to our visual culture with bold new way of thinking about face time design. TTMM-S is reaching beyond trends in shaping the perception of time. Moreover the weather alerts – especially those concerning the quality of the air – address the climate change problem and the effect it has on peoples’ lives.


The inspiration for collection comes form three different areas: sci-fi movies, electronic music and the idea behind Tokyo Flash Japan. The movies that inspired me the most are: The Day After Tomorrow, Waterworld and Hbo’s Chernobyl mini series and the music that influenced me during my work was the album Radioactivity by Kraftwerk.


The application had 3 challenges: 1. to redesign and add to existing very graphic designs, a presentation of weather information (temperature and icons) and to design legible views with weather and weather alerts. 2. to design a modern application layout that will allow space for all necessary information about the operation and settings of clock faces and will have a simple yet unique interface. 3. to propose an affordable financial purchase model. The TTMM-S app is the only app on the clock face market for Fitbit Versa smartwatches which offers a monthly subscription plan (for just 1.99$). This solution covers the monthly cost of weather services and allows users to pay for the application only for the time they want to use it.


Operation, flow, interaction.
All the clock faces can be uploaded to Fitbit Versa through the TTMM-S app available for Apple devices with iOS. With the app you can view the design, read the description, start the subscription plan and upload clock faces and prepare a favorite models list which facilitates swapping between clock faces. After the upload, the user can set colors, activate chosen complications, turn on weather views and activate weather alerts or chimes. All clock faces are equipped with the tap-to-change on screen feature allowing for setting the complications.


Research abstract.
Our planet’s climate is changing. Weather services and sensors technologies provide a lot of information about the quality of the weather, air pollution and ultra violet radiation. A smartwatch is a great place to inform us about the weather or warn us about threats, e.g. excessive uv, dangerous air pollution or weather events. Organizing and providing this information in clear views will help us live better and prepare for the future. Because I did not find any clock face applications that would combine good modern design and information about air quality and weather alerts, I decided to design such an application for myself and make it available as a product.

The TTMM Team

Brand and Product Design: Albert Salamon. iOS UX design: Leszek Juraszczyk. iOS programming: Rafał Gorczyński and Arkadiusz Banaś. Fitbit programming: Piotr Kamiński, Wiktor Hołubowicz and Gregoire Sage. Marketing Consulting: Marcin Berendt.

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