Have a conscious tan

TTMM has just released an app that makes sunbathing more conscious and safe. The app calculates the maximum time for sun bathing during one whole day, matched to skin type, UV exposure and sunscreen protector used. The app is designed for Fitbit smartwatches (Versa, Versa Light and Ionic), so it can accompany you while being on the beach or going outdoors, swimming or jogging – so at all times, when you are exposed to UV radiation, which we know can be harmful, if we do not control it.

Albert Salamon: „Being conscious of UV exposure helps to protect our health. We are all aware of the dangers of excessive UV radiation, however as we cannot immediately notice the full spectrum of consequences it can cause, apart form a sun burn, we tend to ignore the danger and do not protect ourselves properly during outdoor activities. That’s were the Sunbathe app comes into play and I hope it will make people more aware of their health. That’s all we can do with this app, yet it is a lot, considering the fact of stoping even one person from doing some unconscious harm to themselves”. 

With a Fitbit smartwatch and the Sunbathe app it is now much easier to control the time of the UV exposure we are subject to. To make the best use of Sunbathe app you need to correctly set 4 key parameters: your skin type, the UV index and UV magnifier depending on your sun exposition, and the sunscreen protection factor used on your skin. Use magnifier when you are on water or on snow – UV exposition is doubled. Based on those 4 variables the app estimates the maximum daily duration of sunbathing before sunburn occurs. During sunbathing the app will show 4 alerts: after 15 minutes – a suggestion to apply sunscreen, every half an hour a reminder to drink water and check your skin, a suggestion to stop 60 minutes before the time is up to allow time for moving out off the sun and final warning 15 minutes before the time is up.

Albert Salamon: „The Sunbathe app serves only as an approximation of the maximum sunbathing time, based on users knowledge of their skin type and current weather conditions, yet it will serve as a precaution, a help in self-limitation, that helps getting a more healthy sun tan and better protection form UV radiation. Keep calm and have some conscious tan!”.

Look for the SUNBATHE app in the Fitbit app, in the Health & Fitness section. Special introduction price (till end of July) at $0.99 with summerttmm promo code. Regular price: $1.99.


TTMM is a design studio specializing in designing smart interfaces and apps for smartwatches. It is currently focused on the Fitbit Versa and Ionic platform, for which it has designed a collection of 40 clock faces and a range of practical apps. The studio was founded and is headed by Albert Salamon, an awarded designer, a former lecturer at the Warsaw School of Arts. TTMM headquarters are located in Warsaw, Poland. Studio works with programmers from all over the world.

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